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Teeth In A Day | Dental Implants in Trenton, Ontario

Teeth in a Day: The Freedom of an Implant-Supported Denture

When patients lose one or two teeth, a dental implant may work best for their situation. But if you’re missing multiple teeth, or even a full arch of teeth, what option is available to you? When patients are missing a full arch of teeth, but still want the stability of dental implants, the best course of action is an implant-supported denture. Even better, this device can be completed in as little as one to two visits, thanks to the specialized Teeth in a Day program.

What Happens When You Lose a Full Arch of Teeth?

Losing just one tooth can already impact the shape and function of your smile, but losing a full arch of teeth can have an incredibly negative impact on your oral health.

  • Bone Loss: The more teeth that are lost, the weaker your jawbone becomes without the stimulation and support of your teeth.
  • Trouble Eating: As you lose more and more teeth, it becomes increasingly difficult chew normally. This could gravely impact your nutritional intake as well, affecting your overall bodily health.
  • Difficulty Speaking: Similar to how difficult it would be to eat, it’s also difficult to speak naturally when you’re missing nearly a full arch of teeth. Loss of clear communication can become a hardship on your life.
  • Loss of Confidence: Losing so many teeth can also lead to a loss of confidence in your appearance or self. If you can’t speak clearly, or are feeling ashamed of your smile, it can influence your outlook on life and the social activities you once loved.
  • Increased Risk of Oral Disease: When you lose a tooth, it’s essentially an open wound. And when more teeth are lost, that puts your mouth at much greater risk of getting infected from food particles and bacteria that get trapped there.
  • Wrinkled Appearance: As the jawbone deteriorates, the wrinkles around your cheeks and jowls will become more pronounced. Without the support structure of the jawbone, the skin starts to loosen and sag, especially as more and more teeth are lost. We’ve noted that this can make patients appear much older than would be guessed.

The Advantages of Teeth in a Day

Teeth in a Day has also been known as All-on-4, and is the tooth restoration solution that has become preferred by patients missing full arches of teeth. But you may be asking yourself, what is it exactly? Is it a dental implant? Or a removable denture? It’s actually a fusion of the two, creating an implant-supported denture that is permanently placed and restores functionality to your smile.

  • Support of Four Implants: Instead of placing an individual implant fixture for each missing tooth, the All-on-4 denture does exactly as the name suggests: it’s supported on four implant fixtures that hold the denture in place.
  • Immediate Function: For patients who qualify for Teeth in a Day, they enjoy the functionality of their implant-supported denture almost immediately. So long a bone graft is not required, then the denture can work after placement.
  • Durable: Teeth in a Day is a prosthesis that is crafted from durable, long-lasting material, capable of withstanding the normal pressures of biting and chewing.
  • Natural Feeling: Patients have remarked to us about how strange it felt to have removeable dentures. The dentures sometimes felt bulky or slid around in their mouth. But their experience with Teeth in a Day was nothing like that: the denture was secure, and fit comfortably.
  • Hand-Crafted: The denture itself is crafted with precision, to ensure that the placement of each tooth fits the shape and functionality of your smile. In addition, the dentures are painted to look as natural as possible, and can even match the shade of your real teeth.
  • No Daily Maintenance: One of the drawbacks of a removable denture was the daily need to clean and soak the denture itself. But with Teeth in a Day, you can clean it in the same way you would with your natural teeth; just brush your teeth with non-abrasive material, and you’re ready to go! Patients found this to be incredibly convenient, as they didn’t have to worry daily about how clean their denture was.

How Can I Qualify for Teeth in a Day?

By consulting with Dr. Raed Younes and our team, of course! It’s not easy to tell at home if you would be a good candidate or not, so we recommend that you schedule a consultation and discover what the best path of treatment may be.

During a consultation, the first step is an evaluation. We will take scans of your smile, to get a closer look at your bone density. This density determines your qualification for a same-day placement, as the device and implants need sufficient jawbone as a foundation. Once it’s been determined that your jawbone can handle the new device, our team will start designing and building your device.

What If I Already Have Removable Dentures?

You’re not alone! We have had many patients come to us, asking about their candidacy for Teeth in a Day, in spite of already having one or more removable dentures. Yes, it’s very likely that you can qualify for Teeth in a Day, even if you currently have a denture! There are a few factors that we take into account during the qualification process, including the current bone density of your jawbone.

Few patients may realize that removable dentures do nothing for your jawbone after tooth loss. Since the denture rests over the gums, the jawbone underneath continues to weaken and deteriorate over time. It’s why we recommend Teeth in a Day: it has all the advantages of a denture, but with the added bonus of osseointegration from the implant fixtures.

Contact Us About Your Candidacy For Teeth In A Day

If you currently have dentures and are looking to make the switch, or have lost or damaged a full arch of teeth, consider All-on-4 Teeth in a Day as your treatment of choice. Thanks to the fusion of implant technology and the coverage of a full denture, Teeth in a Day is significant advantages over traditional dentures. To find out if you qualify, contact us today to consult with Dr. Raed Younes and our team.


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