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Supplemental Procedures | Dental Implants in Trenton, Ontario

Bone and Gum Augmentation Services in Trenton, ON

Because dental implants rely on the jawbone to permanently anchor the fixture in place, a strong jawbone and healthy gum tissue are generally required before the implant procedure can take place. If you suffer from gum disease or bone loss, you may need to undergo a supplemental procedure.

Bone loss is common in patients who have had missing teeth for a long period. When we chew and eat, our teeth help to stimulate a process of bone regeneration that keeps our jaw healthy. If the tooth is missing, then that sector of the jaw begins to weaken and the bone starts to lose density. Over time this can make it so that there’s insufficient tissue to support the implant fixture, in which case you may need to first opt for a bone graft.

Likewise, tooth loss can increase the risk of bacterial infection and gum loss, if paired with inadequate dental hygiene. This can eventually start to affect the jaw and lead to bone loss as well. Typically, this is the case if the infection is extensive or has been allowed to continue for some time. In these cases, a gingival graft may be necessary.

Every case is different and it’s often the case that we can proceed with the dental implant treatment even when the patient has experienced some gum or bone loss. Only a professional can give you an accurate opinion on what the best treatment path for you is. To learn more and to get started, you can call our Trenton office to schedule your consultation with Dr. Younes.

What is a Bone Graft?

New bone tissue is constantly being generated to replace old or torn tissue and this keeps our bones in top shape. Doctors discovered long ago that they could take bone from different sources and apply it to areas where the bone was broken or damaged, and that the body would organically assimilate the bone. This makes repairing bone loss straightforward and convenient.

The bone graft is the procedure that takes bone from one place and applies it to the area of the jaw that’s lacking the necessary density to support the implant fixture. The bone can be taken from a number of sources. It can be taken from another part of your body or a bone bank, which is a medical warehouse that holds safe and tested tissue samples for procedures like this one. Your bone graft is unique to you and would have to be confirmed with your dentist, but generally speaking dentists will use a tissue sample from a bone bank.

The procedure usually takes a visit and is relatively comfortable. Anesthetic may be used to minimize pain and medication is generally prescribed afterward, and so the amount of pain you experience should be minimal. The site can take around two weeks to heal, after which we can roll forward with the dental implant treatment plan.

What is a Gum Graft?

A gum, or gingival graft is similar in principle to the bone graft. If gum disease is extensive, the gums start to recede and eventually leave the roots of the teeth exposed. This can lead to bone loss and acute sensitivity.

Much like with a bone graft, the gingival graft takes gum tissue from one area — usually the roof of the mouth — and applies it to the surface of the gums that needs to be repaired. The procedure has a high success rate, and modern technology has made it comfortable for patients like you. Any discomfort and post-operative pain should be minimal.

Where Can I Learn More?

We at Dr. Younes Dental Care are committed to your oral health and we’re here to answer any questions or concerns you have about the dental implant treatment. Give us a call to schedule your one-on-one consultation, where we can help you develop the treatment plan that is best for your needs. We look forward to hearing from you!


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