Dental Implants with Dr. Raed Younes

Trenton, Ontario

We want to welcome you to the office of You Make Me Smile Dental Centre in the charming community of Trenton, Ontario. Our staff consists of six trained dental professionals who are ready to help restore your functioning beautiful smile with dental implants or our signature Teeth In A Day program. You’ll no longer have to deal with the discomfort of missing teeth and the consequences they bring. We abide by our core values and mission statement of satisfaction for every person who walks through our doors. You’ll leave with the confidence of a gorgeous smile, knowing full well our staff provided all the necessary treatments and care to send you on your way to magnificent health.

Same Day Smiles In Belleville & Trenton

In a single day and with a single dental implant treatment, our procedures allow you to return to your normal everyday life the instant you walk out our doors. Through advanced technology and proper guidance our highly trained staff will ensure the computer-guided surgery fulfills your optimum needs for returning to a happy life and stunning smile. The results you seek are simply a phone call away.

Advanced Technology

At You Make Me Dental Care, we understand what it takes to achieve the highest level of dentistry with a comprehensive up-to-date dental technology that includes computer-guided surgeries and 3D-CBCT scanners. These advanced methods allow for the dentists to accurately secure your dental implants for maximum comfort. Our aim is for you to spend as little time as possible in the dentist’s chair, and as much energy as you can muster smiling to the world with your new teeth! All it requires is one visit.

Why Choose Dr. Younes?

Dr. Raed Younes is joined by Dr. Shevket, Dr. Sbenati, Dr. Mansoor, Dr. Khan, and Dr. Patrick, which offers you a six-doctor team who specialize in a wide set of skills. Having a team of dentists who you can trust in is truly invaluable because you can feel confident in their advice. We’re passionate about what we do and you are like family to us.

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